Primary Considerations When Buying A Kayak

A guest post by Kerry Blake, freelance writer.

Spending a warm afternoon out kayaking is a fun activity for the entire family. If you want to have an unlimited bonding time with your family, you may consider buying a kayak of your own. However, before actually buying a kayak, you need to think about some important points. Kayaks come in all shapes and sizes. They are designed to correspond to particular water conditions, paddling goals, and individual preferences.

kid with recreationnal kayak on a lake

Types According to Activity

When choosing a kayak, you have to decide what type of kayaking activity you are most interested in.

  • Recreational Kayak – If you intend to your kayak on ponds, lakes, bays and rivers, you would probably need a kayak suited for recreational or flat water kayaking.
  • Whitewater Kayak – If you get more thrill and excitement navigating through running rivers with challenging rapids and waves, you may want to consider a whitewater kayak.
  • Touring Kayaks – Touring kayaks or sea kayaks are ideal if you are looking to trudge long distance on the open sea. Sea kayaks are often long and narrow but are surprisingly fast and efficient. This type of kayak is equipped with plenty of storage space, especially when going out for longer, overnight trips.

Types According to Body Types
Another way of choosing the right kayak for you is to consider the main body parts cognizant with the kind of paddling you are capable to do.

  • Inflatables – This is an ideal option if you want to have a lightweight, and easy to store kayak. Although there high-quality inflatable kayaks available, some low price range inflatables may not be as durable as you want. Some inflatable boat models come with self-bailing drain valve. These inflatable boats are ideal to be used for such activities as recreational kayaking.
  • Rigid or Hard Hull – Although there is no single kayak that will fit all kayaking styles, the most common option are kayaks made of rigid materials such as wood, plastic, fiberglass, and carbon fiber. It is a more popular choice when used for a variety of one-day activities because it offers ease of access and commendable stability.
Choosing Your Kayak

When buying a kayak, you need to compare various models for each category. You may want to consider their relative weight, size, capacity, and materials used. Consider also the retail price of the kayak you want, and see to it that it is something that could give you the best value.

It is also important to have the basic knowledge on how each design or kayak types are best utilized. Some subtle differences in the configuration of your inflatable boat or hard hull kayak may affect the efficiency of your paddling. You must also know what you want to do with your kayak and what type of kayaking you are capable of, otherwise you will be spending a great deal of money with something that you cannot use.

If you are just starting out, you may want to consider getting user-friendly models that are both stable and easy to maneuver. There are other types of kayaks that offer great stability and comfort, allowing you and your family to relish on the experience out on the water.


  1. Thomas

    I love to fish and started kayaking basically so I could easily get on the water to fish. It's such an ideal recreational sport for all types of people as you can go at your own pace. Although I stick to mainly lakes and flat water, I do plan to step it up a notch one day and try whitewater kayaking.

  2. Estelle

    Thanks for sharing your love for kayak with us and also for providing useful advices on how to buy Kayak. The touring kayak seems to be very interesting and may be one day I will try it. Kayaking seems to be wonderful and fascinating recreational sport. Great thanks for posting the basic considerations when buying a kayak.

    • JAY47san96

      You're quite right: Kayaking is a fascinating and easy sport to start almost anywhere! Have fun -)

    • JAY47san96

      You're welcome!

  3. hans Balgobin

    Hey there. I never did kayaking before but once when I had the opportunity i was really scared because Ii did not know swimming but I hope in the future I do get the opportunity and I can feel the experience of fishing as well as Kayaking.

    • JAY47san96

      Well, I think it's better you learn how to swim before going paddling. First it can save your life, and second, it will remove a lot of stress. Also, you may need to help people in trouble in water... So swimming is indeed an invaluable skill. You'll enjoy it once you practice !

  4. arzina zynn

    I really love this blog i learn new things about kayaking. Thanks for the tips on purchasing a kayak i think it is very useful because soon i will buy a kayak and i will take your advice into consideration. According to me kayaking is a nice recreational sport which i love to practice. A great thanks for posting this.

    • JAY47san96

      Hi! I'm sure you'll enjoy recreational kayaking, either on your own, or with friends or family -) Thanks for your comment.

  5. Vicki

    Good advice. I recently bought a kayak without doing any research. It's okay, but too wide for me. That makes it very stable, which is good; but I lag behind all the rest of my group. I blame it on the drag of the kayak, not on my paddling abilities! I belong to a group of kayaking women ages 53 to 82. Believe me, some of the older ones are the better kayakers in the bunch.

    • JAY47san96

      Yes I believe you!! I got a wide kayak too but since I'm paddling with my 10 yo son... I've no stress paddling slowly -))
      Thanks for dropping by.

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