My Top 5 favorite apps for Outdoors

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Yes you’ve read well. I’m talking about apps and outdoors!
Nowadays most of my friends have a smartphone or an iPad.
As for myself I use an iPod Touch.

And last summer I started to look for useful apps I could have with me after reading in an outdoor mag that a teenager used a First Aid app on his iPhone to rescue a friend while hiking.
I just couldn’t believe it… but that’s the truth.

So now, what can we take with us if we go outdoors on a canoe-camping trip, or just a daily trip.
I’ve selected 5 apps for now, but will keep you updated as more are coming out.
At the present time there are other 140 000 apps available… and climbing.
And if you’re using an app not reviewed here that you thing other people could benefit, please do not hesitate to list it in the comment section.

What I like about the idea of having apps on our smartphone or tablet is that is saves on weight and room. Just a few years ago I use to carry lots of books, maps, guides etc…
As long as your battery is not low, you don’t need any more books, manuals or guides.
Not anymore.
Well almost!

Beware: two major drawbacks with all electronic equipment:
- Screen use on sunny days, and rain!
- Battery life.


ProKnot iPhone app         Fish knot app         Fish knot app description

I like this one and my son plays a lot with that one.

It’s fun and requires a little piece of rope, which every paddlers always have in hand.

With this app you’ll learn 70 different types of knots with swipe-through step by step illustrations (including 31 –or 39 depending on the app you choose fishing knots), knots which are useful anywhere anytime. And you’ve always have the pictures in case you forget (like me!).

Have a look at this video now:

Pro-knot is available for iPhone/iPad / iPod touch/Nokia and Windows phone
- Windows phone: 7.5 or higher, $1.99, rating all 5 stars
- Nokia in ovy stores: $1.99 also a 5 stars rating
- iPhone, iPad, iPod touch: $1.99

Now a new animated fishing knot app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is available and includes 31 animated fishing knots and 2 emergency fish hook removal techniques.

Scats and tracks

Falcon Guide app         Falcon Guide tracks of bears         Falcon Guide app tracks of crocodile

There are several edition of this great little user friendly app from Falcon guides:
- North America: $6.99, excellent ratings
- Backyard: free
- Northeast: $3.99
I enjoy the North America version. It’s like a book but much smaller and lighter. It includes up to 150 wildlife species (haven’t seen all that… yet!) into 3 categories: tracks, scats (which I see most) and species. The bonus is a whole section you can easily navigate through called Tracking 101.

iBird Explorer

iBird Explorer app for iPhone and iPad         Bald Eagle from iBird Explorer app

I felt in love with that app! Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

It’s not an absolute essential tool but when you take pictures (and want to share them on Facebook) or when your kid ask: What’s that?? Then it’s just great. There are several versions (one free with 15 common birds of North America) but guides by region start at $9.99 on iTune Store.

I’ve several books on bird’s identification but never take them on a paddling trip: too big, too heavy.

With this app not only you’ve detailed, beautiful bird portraits (HD 720p resolution), range maps, key factors for identification but also songs and audio clips  from the Macauley Library at the Cornell lab of Ornithology.  iBird Explorer Plus: $9.99 (50% off) includes 924 species from North America and Hawaï and over 5 hours of bird songs!! Well worth the money-)

Pocket First Aid and CPR from the AHA

Pocket first aid and CPR app for iPhone and iPad        Pocket first aid and CPR app for iPhone and iPad description

Where ever you go a must-have. A great learning tool and resource. Easy to navigate.

Comes with first aid manual and videos. Enough to give that peace of mind when going exploring Nature with your family.

Also available for Android platforms.

SAS Survival Guide

Informing and inspiring app!

Another must-have for paddlers who end up in the woods on Week Ends or do lots of canoe-camping.

Self explaining with this video:

Your turn! So tell me about some useful apps you're presently using for your paddling adventures!
Cheers, and all the best to you!

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  1. Hank

    I wouldn't have thought of iPod apps for the outdoors, cool stuff! Thanks for the information :)

    • admin

      Was like you at the beginning! But this is a tech world now and kids show us a lot of new stuff! I'm glad it was useful.

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